The Power for Change is in US.

Today more than ever our country's economic strength relies on keeping US working. Buying from local and nationally based businesses means your money stays in your community.

With YES Indices and Reporting, you can quickly make informed decisions to maximize the impact you can have on the local economy ensuring your hard-earned dollars flow back to your community, state and stay in the U.S.

How it Works

The YES.US Indices generate scores showing the impact a business or an industry is having on jobs and wage support within the proximity of the local community, state and nation. The scores are based on a combination of labor variables that not only measure the direct jobs impact, but also the indirect and induced impacts, showing all the other jobs a business or industry is supporting. 

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Provides businesses, planners and investors with indices and reporting to compare and contrast the economic impacts of labor on industries across geographies. The YES Reports inform key economic and labor decisions important for businesses to understand the positive impacts they can have on the local and national economy.


A series of simple, easy to understand scores giving businesses and consumers insights into the effect of their every day buying decisions on the economy, ranging from local to national impacts. Using the YES Indices, businesses can demonstrate to buyers the impact a purchase of their product or service makes on the economy. For consumers, they now have a way to take ownership of the jobs impact they can have when they buy products.

YES.US Pay Impact Index Report Features

YES.US Pay Impact Index Reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your business’ economic impact of your labor force versus your industry within a selected geography, at either an MSA, state or national level. Features of the YES.US Pay Impact Index Report include:

Features Firm Level Industry Level
YES.US Executive Summary and Key Findings

YES.US Pay Impact Index Score/Benchmarking

Geographic Areas Supported

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)





Industries Supported



Scorecard Analytics

Additional Jobs supported per Worker

Total Compensation Impact on the Geography

Total Employees Company/Industry in the Geography

Per Worker Compensation Impact on the Geography



Compensation Impact Per Worker

Pay Impact Distribution Across All Industries



YES.US Pay Performance Index Score Trending

4 Quarter Trending



Recommendations – How to Improve Your YES.US PII Score

By The Numbers

Number of Firms

Number of Employees




Key Impact Metrics

Total Income generated per Firm

Total # of Employees supported per Firm



Supply Chain Opportunity Report

Top 10 Industries supplying your Industry

% of Budget Allocated to Procurement of Supplies

% of Supply Requirement Sourced Locally

Supply Chain Insights



YES.US Pay Impact Label (Licensed Separately)

What you will learn from the YES.US Pay Impact Index Report

  • Understand how your labor force and payroll impacts the economy in a selected area, state and/or nationally.

  • See how the payroll impact of your business compares to your industry in a selected area, state and/or nationally.

  • See how many additional jobs one employee supports within a selected area, state and/or nationally.

  • Comprehend the dollar economic impact your employees and business are having on a selected area, state and/or national economy (inclusive of direct, indirect and induced impacts).

  • Understand what actions your business can take to improve your YES.US Pay Impact Index score resulting in a greater impact on your local, state and/or national economy.

  • See how choices you make in your supply chain can optimize the impact your labor force can make on the local, state and/or national economy.

  • See how your YES.US Pay Impact Index score is trending over time…whether you are improving or declining relative to the industry in a geographical area.

  • License the YES.US Pay Impact label to communicate your business’ economic contribution to the local, state and/or national economy in all your marketing communications.


The Dilemma

Buying from a local or American made brand doesn’t necessarily mean the product you purchased has much of an effect on jobs within your area.

In some cases, buying from a foreign brand that sources materials, manufactures and sells their products all within the U.S. may sustain more American jobs than an American brand that outsources and manufactures abroad. 


The Solution

YES.US provides the needed transparency to inform decisions that support those businesses and industries that have the biggest impact on supporting jobs in the community and the nation.

Local Independent Businesses invest 3x more money back into the community than chain businesses

Local Independent Businesses invest 3x more money back into the community than chain businesses


45% of consumers make an effort
to buy local products


8/10  of consumers make an effort to buy local products over imports


Our Team

We are veteran technology, data/analytics and manufacturing executives & entrepreneurs with experience in building businesses and a passion creating jobs. 


Charlie Rice
Chief Executive Officer

Local job creator and builder
of multiple multi-million dollar businesses focused on manufacturing and licensing consumer products.


Dave Howlett
Chief Product Officer 

Business and technology product builder having served on founding teams of four big data/analytics startups with successful exits and acquisitions including S&P Global/J.D. Power and Associates.


Brett Tomson
Chief Technology Officer

Seasoned technology expert
with experience gleaned from multiple clients, industries and technologies responsible for
all aspects of the YES.US technology environment.


Bryan Younge
Chief Strategy Officer

Bryan has led various valuation and consulting practices on a national scale for Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers and Newmark Night Frank. He oversees strategy and index content for YES.




Chris Rice
 Founder and Chairman

Misha Ghosh
GM/VP at ADP Ventures



Mike Walden
Professor, NC State




YES.US connects businesses and consumers to their local economies. Make an investment in your community and take action.

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